Patrol Division

The goal of the Patrol Division is to address community problems and assure a safe community environment through directed and routine patrol. As the largest and most visible division of the Police Department, the Patrol Division provides the first response to emergency and non-emergency incidents. The Patrol Division uses a variety of specialized units to deliver police services to Village residents, including:

Bicycle Patrol Unit

The Bicycle Patrol Unit is able to field a number of officers trained and equipped for bicycle patrol on specialized bikes with Police markings and equipment. Each of these officers has a primary job responsibility separate from bicycle patrol. The officers are deployed during the evening hours throughout the summer to address problems that seem amenable to bicycle patrol.

The Bicycle Patrol has been successfully deployed to attend to special police problems. This method of patrol has been advantageous when compared to traditional motorized patrol or foot patrol. Bicycle patrols are faster than foot patrols, less obtrusive than motorized patrols, can go places motorized patrols cannot, and provide greater face-to-face interaction with the community.

Community Service Officer

Under the general supervision of the shift supervisor, the CSO performs general non-criminal enforcement duties in support of the patrol division. Duties performed are of minimal to average difficulty and include routine enforcement of ordinance violations concerning parking and animal control, completing reports on non-injury accidents on private property, non-criminal fingerprinting and other duties consistent with non-criminal enforcement work.