Street Infrastructure and Maintenance

Street Resurfacing

Through Motor Fuel Tax funding the Public Works Department will be patching various sections of roadway throughout the Village. Areas to be repaved are based on several criteria, including overall condition of the street, traffic volume, base material, and underground utility conditions.

Sidewalk Replacement

Through Motor Fuel Tax funding the Public Works Department will be replacing sidewalks that are in hazardous conditions. Our number one priority is sidewalks that can cause tripping hazards. If you have such a sidewalk please give the Public Works Department a call or report via website and we will give it immediate attention.

Also, as sidewalks are replaced, we need your help. Children often write in the fresh concrete, causing extra costs, which limits how many sidewalks we can replace. Please keep an eye on neighborhood children and advise your children not to write on the fresh concrete. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Streetlight Outages

Residents are urged to report any inoperable streetlight to the Public Works Department at 481-8950 or by clicking link below to report via website. Please be as specific as possible on the location of the outage, as it will be reported to Commonwealth Edison Customer Service for repair.

Please Don't Litter / Curb Appeal

In order to improve the appearance of the Village, please do not litter or throw trash out the car window. Keep a small trash bag in you vehicle for daily trash.

The Village spends a lot of time policing debris from roadways, and we ask your assistance, in not littering. Please take several minutes each week to pick-up trash that might be in your yard from passing motorists, or trash that has blow from refuse and recycling containers. Please keep refuse cans covered to eliminate refuse from blowing around the streets.