Citizen of the Year

2020 Citizen if the Year - Felicia Chase
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The award recognizes a volunteer’s efforts as a Richton Park resident, for the betterment and involvement of the community. Being among several residents nominated, Felicia was chosen to represent the Village with the prestigious award.

Whoever holds the title of “Citizen of the Year” should exemplify characteristics of humanity, compassion, generosity and a desire to serve others. Richton Park is pleased to recognize an individual whose work has been fluent throughout the previous year. Felicia Chase has been a Richton Park resident since 2005, and has dedicated both her time and energy to a life of service for her community.

Felicia has had a positive influence on the progress of countless Village & community initiatives, among serving for various organizations as well. Her dedication and enthusiasm sends lasting ripples to every corner of our community. 

Felicia is also a standout star in the field of volunteerism. In addition to supporting her overall community, she has been an active member of the Greenfield Homeowners Association, volunteering in various capacities and positions throughout the years.

Promoting community fellowship and engagement, she is also President and proactive member of the "Friends of Richton Park Foundation." This foundation is used as a tool to promote and raise funds that support youth programming, scholarships, and initiatives for the citizens of Richton Park. During the Foundation’s inception, this individual recognized its potential, and quickly took the initiative to lead, executing a specific vision and mission. The Friends of Richton Park organized its first fundraiser event in January 2020, named "Short Stacks for a Tall Cause."  The event was a success with nearly 100 guests, and even more over 90 guests attending the event, along with monetary donations and raffle proceeds being collected.

Bridging the gap between the community and our Law Enforcement, Felicia also serves on the Police & Fire Commission. Here, she acts as a voice for the improvement of service to the public, as well as supporting community policing programs and campaigns.

She does not work for the recognition. She does not act for praises. She uses her spirit and energy to shine as a Richton Park star among her community and peers. She is a business woman, a mother, a community activist, and an inspiration to everyone she encounters.

Let’s give warm congratulations to our 2020 Citizen of the Year, Felicia Chase!

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