Community Relations

The Community Relations division of Community & Economic Development serves the community by planning, coordinating, and hosting Village programs, events, workshops, etc. Evoking citizen engagement is vital for a community to thrive, and through these various ventures, RIchton Park is a better place to live. Community Relations enforces the Village’s Human Rights Ordinance and Fair Housing Policy, encourages block organizing, community safety and multi-cultural training, mediates landlord/tenant and neighbor disputes and provides resident training in community outreach.

Services & Resources | What We Do

  • Build & maintain relationships with Richton Park neighbors and local organizations
  • Identify local and state, governmental resources available to the community
  • Connect Village programs and events to specific community needs
  • Identify, organize, and coordinate various volunteer opportunities
  • Coordinate resident mediation services
  • Identify and advertise rental & mortgage, and utility assistance programs
  • Identify and coordinate job readiness resources
  • Identify community employment opportunities
  • Liaison to Village commissions, committees, and groups
  • Liaison to Village Home Owner Associations
  • Coordinate various Village community events
  • Resident Meal Delivery for Seniors

Community Resources

Find information about the community you live in and the services that are provided to you as a citizen, resident, or business.