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Andrea Downs

Andrea Downs has been a certified personal trainer/group instructor for 5 years. Fitness has been a part of  Andrea's life since she began playing basketball at 2 years old and throughout high school, college and overseas in Australia. She started instructing teaching Muscle Max, Bootcamps, High Intensity Interval Training, Boxing, Core Strength and   Stretching. Andrea now owns and operates her own company (Downs Fitness) providing personal training, group classes and nutrition support. She specializes in weight loss, increasing endurance, functional training/corrective exercise, senior fitness, cardiovascular conditioning, balance training, improving overall health and wellness and sports conditioning. Andrea is also certified in nutrition to better provide for an entire fitness program. Andrea prioritizes keeping her classes full of energy and up to date with the latest fitness trends. She is continually able to challenge every class attendees of all fitness levels. Check out the December classes to drop-in for!

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