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Posted on: March 21, 2022

Richton Park is Now on Simplicity App!

The Village of Richton Park is proud to announce a new cooperation with government technology startup Simplicity to improve communication with residents. Using the Simplicity app, you can quickly get all important community updates, announcements, and upcoming events. The application is free for residents and officially available for download from the App Store or Google Play Store via the link below. 

The simplicity app does not require registration and does not collect any personal data. After installing the Simplicity app, you just need to choose your city, and then select topics of interest to receive personalized notifications. The updates and announcements are published in real-time – you will be notified immediately if you have push notifications turned on.

Using the Simplicity mobile app will help you to stay informed and connected with the Village of Richton Park by having all official community updates easily accessible in one place. For instance, you’ll find out straight away if trash collection has been rescheduled, which streets you can’t park on because of street cleaning, and many more useful updates.

“We are very happy to be one of the first, of many municipalities to partner with Simplicity. It is a great, streamlined method to communicate accurately and efficiently with our beloved residents.” – Rick Reinbold, Village President

By using the Simplicity App, cities, villages, towns, along with residents, can both combat the growth of misinformation on social media and improve the speed of accurate information sharing, stemming straight from Richton Park’s website. The app lets residents choose the type of information they want to receive to prevent information overload. There are various topics that they can select from, including updates from the health department, road closures, upcoming local events, news features, and emergency notifications.

 “We are excited to have an additional platform dedicated to the Village of Richton Park that will alert the community and our residents of significant and worthy information. We are grateful for Simplicity’s ease of use and functionality” – Adam Ray, Media Coordinator

“It’s exciting to be back and to bring a valuable solution with me to Chicagoland, where I studied as a high school student with Rotary back in 2013,” said Juraj Gago, co-founder of Simplicity.

Simplicity Mobile App for Residents is free and available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. After officially onboarding a city to the platform, Simplicity’s team works closely with its representatives to make sure they utilize the platform to its fullest potential.

Download Simplicity: Richton Park Here
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