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Posted on: April 8, 2022

Richton Park Fire Awarded MMC Grant

The Richton Park Fire Department (RPFD) is very happy to announce a grant award from the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus.  RPFD has purchased two (2) battery-operated Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fans.  These battery-operated fans will increase the performance and efficiency of our firefighters, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the firefighting process.  Positive pressure ventilation is a technique used by the fire service to remove smoke, heat, and dangerous by-products of combustion from a building.  These fans can quickly transform a lethal, toxic, deadly environment into one that is survivable; each fan has the capacity to move 11,400 cubic feet of air per minute.

The battery-operated PPV fans are light-weight and takes only 1 firefighter to carry and position the fan; where gasoline-powered PPV fans are unwieldly, heavy, and need 2 firefighters to carry and setup.  The gas-powered fans also contribute to the problem of carbon emissions.  These cumbersome fans could not be used inside of the many mid-rise, multi-family residences because of the carbon monoxide produced while the fans are operating.  

Replacing our gasoline-powered PPV fans with new battery-operated fans, the Richton Park Fire Department is enhancing the safety of firefighters as well as our community members by reducing carbon emissions into the environment.  In the future, recognizing the importance of protecting our planet and all of the variant ecosystems in which we live, RPFD is planning to replace our extrication tools (Jaws-of-Life) with battery-operated tools.  Each step, though small, will encourage the use of more renewable energy devices, machines, and appliances that will sustain and maintain our way of life without causing harm to the natural environment.  

The Richton Park Fire Department would like to extend our profound thanks to the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus in conjunction with the Exelon Corporation and Commonwealth Edison for making these purchases possible and for the opportunity to be part of the Powering Safe Communities Program.  It was only through this program we were able to purchase the battery-operated PPV Fans that will help RPFD reduce carbon emissions, enhance the health and safety of our firefighters and residents, as well as residents in our surrounding communities.  Thank you so much!

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