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Richton Park VIEWS Magazine | Ad-Space Form

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  2. Richton Park “VIEWS” Magazine, published quarterly, four times per year, contains important Village news, business and economic development updates, features, programs, and events, including information from the library, local school districts, and local organizations. With the potential to reach an audience of nearly 12,000+ residents and businesses via online and print, VIEWS represents a significant advertising value. Each paid ad will also be featured and tagged on the Village’s social media outlets.
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    Please choose which space you'd like to reserve for your business.
  4. Prices are per publication. Upon Submission/Payment, Ad will be included in the very next edition of applicable publication.
  5. Completion of this order form will take you directly to checkout to complete your purchase. There, make sure to include:
    - Description of payment being applied: VIEWS Ad, Size, Name, as well as the Misc Fee: Price of Ad
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