Comprehensive Land Use Plan & Map

Comp Plan Cover

The Village of Richton Park Comprehensive Plan is intended to serve as a roadmap for community development for the next 15-20 years. The Plan outlines the existing conditions and documents the input received from the people who live and work in Richton Park. It prescribes a vision for future policies, development patterns, economic development, the transportation network, community services, and the maintenance and preservation of environmental features throughout the Village. The Plan represents the tremendous efforts of the Village, its businesses, and its residents to define a bright future for Richton Park.

Purpose of the Comprehensive Land Use PLAN

The Richton Park Comprehensive Plan serves as a foundation for decision making and a reference for Village officials as the consider development proposals, capital improvements, infrastructure investments, roadway improvements, and more. It will inform developers about the Village's intentions and expectations so that they may comply with and contribute to the overall goals and objectives for growth. Lastly, it represents residents' voices concerning what they want for Richton Park's future. 

The Comprehensive Plan should serve as a guide to regulatory decisions related to Zoning, and updates to the Zoning Ordinance should be directly guided by the concepts and recommendations included in the Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Land Use MAP

Richton Park Com Plan - Future Land Use MAP - 2014