Red Light Cameras | Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the Richton Park decided to implement an Automated Red Light Photo Enforcement Program?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a recent nationwide study of deadly crashes at traffic signals indicates that 22 percent failed to obey the signal. In 2012, the fatality rate approached 700 and 133,000 injuries were recorded, all a result of red-light running. It is the City’s belief that implementation of an Automated Red Light Photo Enforcement Program will reduce the number of red light collisions and injuries associated with such crashes. The goal of this program is to increase traffic safety in Richton Park by reducing red light running violations, red light crashes and red light injury crashes without impacting Village funds.

We encourage you to Choose Safety. Stop On Red.

Where are the Red Light Cameras located?

The Red Light Cameras are installed at the following locations:

  • Cicero Avenue and Sauk Trail (Northbound and Southbound)

What is a Red Light Violation?

There are two (2) types of Red Light Violations:

  1. Entering an intersection AFTER the traffic signal has turned red.
  2. Right Turn on Red - You may be cited with a Red Light Violation if you fail to bring your vehicle to a complete stop before turning right on red (where permissible). You may be cited with a Red Light Violation if you turn right on red where it is expressly prohibited and/or if you turn right on red on days and/or during hours prohibited by law (expressly or implicitly).

Can I see the images of my vehicle online?

Yes, your vehicle was captured by photo-enforcement cameras. You may view the images of your vehicle by going to Enter your ticket number and follow the directions as they appear. If you do not have your ticket number, you may still view the vehicle images by entering the license plate number, driver's license number of the registered owner (or lessee) or the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the registered vehicle.

Will the red light camera take a picture of the driver of the vehicle?

No. A violation of the Richton Park Ordinance is a civil violation assessed against the owner of the vehicle; it is not a criminal violation. Similar to a parking ticket, there is no need to identify the driver and therefore, no need to capture the image of the driver. This violation will NOT affect your driving privileges or insurance rates.

What if I am already in the intersection, when the light turns red?

If you entered the intersection when the light was green or yellow, you will NOT receive a "Notice of Violation." It is legal to clear the intersection if you are already in the intersection when the light turns red. In the violation notice, the first photo shows your car at the white line when the stoplight was red. In the second photo the stoplight was still red when the car proceeded into the intersection.

What if I was not driving at the time of the recorded violation? Do I still have to pay the ticket?

Under Illinois State Law, HB 4835 effective May, 2006, the registered owner (or lessee) of a vehicle is liable for any automated traffic law violations that occur. It does not matter who is driving the car, (unless the vehicle has been reported stolen prior to the time of violation) the law clearly states that the registered owner is liable.

What are the defenses to a Red Light Violation?

The defenses to a Red Light Violation are as follows:

  1. The operator of the vehicle was issued a Uniform Citation by a police officer for the same incident as captured by the Red Light Enforcement Camera.
  2. The violation occurred at a time during which the vehicle or its license plate was reported to a law enforcement agency as having been stolen and the vehicle or license plate had not been recovered by the owner at the time of the alleged violation.
  3. The vehicle was leased to another, and within sixty (60) calendar days after the citation was mailed to the lessor, lessor submitted to the municipality, the correct name and address of the lessee of the vehicle identified in the violation notice at the time of the alleged violation, together with a copy of the lease agreement, the lessee's driver's license number and any additional information that may be required.
  4. The vehicle was an authorized emergency vehicle or it was yielding the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle.
  5. The vehicle was lawfully participating in a funeral procession.
  6. The respondent was not the registered vehicle owner, lessee or renter of the cited vehicle at the time of the violation.

What if the car was a rental?

Under the law, the person(s) designated as the driver of the vehicle on the rental or lease agreement is responsible for any assigned violations during the rental/lease period. Your name and address were provided to us by the rental car agency.

Do red light cameras violate a motorist's privacy?

No, driving is a regulated activity on public roads. By obtaining a driver's license, a motorist agrees to abide by certain rules, such as to obey traffic signals. Neither the law nor common sense suggests drivers should not be observed on the road nor have their violations documented/recorded. The use of RLR cameras in support of traffic safety has been upheld by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals for the Northern District for Illinois.

Isn't the main purpose of red light cameras to make money?

No. The goal of red light camera enforcement systems is to improve public safety by reducing injuries and deaths caused by accidents. Drivers are advised of camera systems at each intersection that photo enforcement is in use by way of signage. Revenue is generated from fines paid by drivers who continue to run red lights, which is a serious traffic safety problem.

How much is the fine?

When issued a Notice of Violation, it is mailed to the owner, lessee or renter of the vehicle indicating a fine amount of $100. The violation notice needs to be contested or paid (in full) by or before the "Contest By" or "Pay By" date shown on the notice. If no action is taken, a Determination of Liability will be entered against the registered owner, lessee or renter of the vehicle. The violation needs to be paid (in full) or a Final Determination of Violation Liability will be issued to the owner, lessee or renter of the vehicle. The Final Determination of Violation Liability includes a late penalty of $100. ($200 total, $100 for the original fine and $100 late penalty) The payment of the fine amount listed on the Final Determination of Violation Liability is required by or before the "Pay By" date shown on the notice, if this is not paid, the Village of Richton Park will take further enforcement and collection action.
Failure to pay Five (5) Violations may result in the Owner's Drivers License Being Suspended.

How much time do I have to pay?

You must either pay the fine or contest the violation by or before the "Pay By" or "Contest By" date listed on the front of the Notice of Violation.

How can I pay the fine?

TO PAY ONLINE - Please go to

TO PAY BY MAIL - Please place a check mark in the box next to "Payment Enclosed" on the Notice of Violation Liability Stub. Enclose the Notice of Violation Liability Stub along with a check or money order made payable to: Village of Richton Park RLE Program. Please mail payment to: Village of Richton Park, PO Box 6750, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6750. DO NOT SEND CASH. BE SURE TO WRITE YOUR TICKET NUMBER ON THE FRONT OF YOUR CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO ENSURE PROPER ALLOCATION. There will be a $35.00 fee assessed for returned checks.

TO PAY IN PERSON - Please bring your Violation Notice and Payment to:

  • Richton Park Police Department - 4455 Sauk Trail - Richton Park, IL 60471. 
  • Business Hours are 24 hrs, 7 days / week. 
  • Accepted forms of payment include: Cash / Credit Card / Check / Money Order.
  • You MUST bring payment to this location WITHIN 30 DAYS of the Notice Date found on the front of the Notice of Violation.

TO PAY BY PHONE – Please call 1-877-262-3318 and select the payment option when prompted. Business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Accepted forms of payment include: ELECTRONIC CHECK and CREDIT CARD.

If I pay the fine, will it go against my driving record?

No. A violation under Illinois law will not affect your driving record or insurance rates (it is similar to a parking ticket).

Can I make installment payments?

No. Payment of the fine (and any penalty) must be paid in full by the date posted on the notice.

Other Questions

What if I have other questions that were not answered here?

You may call toll free 1-877-262-3318 or 1-877-262-3356 if you are hearing impaired. Phone lines are open Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM (excluding legal holidays).

RedLight Triangle

Under state law, municipalities that operate red light running camera devices must post a statistical analysis on their website in compliance with 625 ILCS 5/11-208.6 (k-7). 

"(k-7) A municipality or county operating an automated traffic law enforcement system shall conduct a statistical analysis to assess the safety impact of each automated traffic law enforcement system at an intersection following installation of the system. The statistical analysis shall be based upon the best available crash, traffic, and other data, and shall cover a period of time before and after installation of the system sufficient to provide a statistically valid comparison of safety impact. The statistical analysis shall be consistent with professional judgment and acceptable industry practice. The statistical analysis also shall be consistent with the data required for valid comparisons of before and after conditions and shall be conducted within a reasonable period following the installation of the automated traffic law enforcement system.

The statistical analysis required by this subsection (k-7) shall be made available to the public and shall be published on the website of the municipality or county. 

If the statistical analysis for the 36 month period following installation of the system indicates that there has been an increase in the rate of accidents at the approach to the intersection monitored by the system, the municipality or county shall undertake additional studies to determine the cause and severity of the accidents, and may take any action that it determines is necessary or appropriate to reduce the number or severity of the accidents at that intersection."