Greenest Region Compact (GRC2)

Richton Park is proud to be a signatory of the Greenest Region Compact, which promotes sustainability in Chicago area communities and entire region. To date, over 100 communities have signed the Compact, which addresses ten areas, including climate, economic development, energy, land, leadership, mobility, municipal operations, sustainable communities, water, and waste & recycling. These goals help guide coordinated efforts across the region to enhance quality of life for residents, protection and stewardship of the environment, and sustainable economic vitality.

The GRC guides municipalities towards sustainable goals and actions and encourages communities to work together to create a sustainable region. It aligns Richton Park's priorities, builds on existing best practices, and capitalizes on the collective wisdom of community leaders in the Village, as well as the greater metropolitan region.

Along with the other signatory communities in the Chicago region, we are working to build vibrant and strong communities, and sustain healthy environments for people and nature.

GRC2 tagline

GRC2 Consensus Goals

GRC2 Concensus Goals