Temporary Holding Facility (Arrest)

Arrest Information

The Village of Richton Park Police Department operates a Temporary Holding Facility.

Arrestees who fall within the following classifications may be detained in the Richton Park Police Department Temporary Holding Facility. The maximum period of detention in a Temporary Holding Facility normally does not exceed 48 hours, except when detention occurs at the beginning of a weekend or holiday (20 Ill. Adm. Code 720.30). This includes those arrested and detained pending:
(a) Posting of bail.
(b) Release on Own Recognizance (ROR).
(c) Release on citation in accordance with the Cite and Release Policy in this manual.
(d) Transportation to the County Jail or Court Facility

For information on prisoners transported to the County Jail or Court, please click here.

Prisoner Telephone Calls
• Every prisoner shall have the right to communicate with an attorney and a member of their family by making a reasonable number of telephone calls within a reasonable time after arrival at the first place of custody.
• In the event the prisoner is transferred to a new place of custody, his/her right to communicate with an attorney and a member of his/her family is renewed (725 ILCS 5/103-3.)

Inmate Property
Any personal property belonging to the inmate but retained by the officer for safekeeping, shall be kept in a secure location until the inmate is released or transferred. Smaller items such as a driver's license, pocketknife, wallet, prescription medications and other similar property, shall be placed in a property bag and sealed. A list of the property, including detailed descriptions of prescription medications, shall be included on the booking form. Any property too large to be kept in the Temporary Holding Facility shall be booked into property for safekeeping. Inmate property that is too large or will not otherwise be accepted by a receiving facility in the event of an inmate transfer should be booked for safekeeping

Release of any prisoner's property to any person requires the recipient's signature on the appropriate form. Any request for release of property by a prisoner must be made in writing on the booking sheet. When a prisoner is released from custody, all property will be returned to him/her and he/she will be required to sign the Prisoner Property Form. If a prisoner is released to the court or an officer of another agency, all allowable property will be released to that officer who will be required to verify and sign for the property.