Criminal Offenses

Part 1 / Part II

The "Part I / Part II" distinction is determined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system. Part I crimes are considered by the FBI as the most serious and similar offenses reported by law enforcement within the United States, while Part II crimes are the less serious and may have less similarity in their reporting by each agency.

Person, Property and Behavioral

The "person, property and behavioral" crime categories are based on the broad type of crime rather than the severity.

Person crimes include criminal offenses in which the victim is present and the act is violent, threatening or has the potential of being physically harmful. Examples include homicide, robbery, kidnapping, assault, rape and other sex offenses.

Property crimes include offenses which involve property destruction or taking something of value by theft or deception. Examples include burglary, vehicle theft, other thefts, forgery and fraud, arson and vandalism.

Behavioral crimes include criminal offenses that violate laws relating to personal conduct, responsibility and public order. These include prostitution, drug and alcohol offenses, weapons offenses and disorderly conduct.